Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Green & Red Mexican Restaurant in East London

I recently went for happy hour and dinner at Green & Red Restaurant just off Shoreditch High Street. It must have been the first time I left a Mexican restaurant without unbuttoning my jeans while swearing never to touch a tortilla again.  

Green & Red keeps their portions small, the idea being that you order a couple of dishes to share.  We got quite excited and ordered 3 dishes each.  I recommend the Chorizo Quesadillas and the Ensalada de Jicama.  I'd never heard about jicama before (have you?), but was pleased to discover this very delicious root vegetable.  I rounded off the meal with Churros con Chocolate. And we are not talking any old chocolate here.  We are talking spicy, thick, rich, to-kill-for chocolate. Three words: mas, por favor! 

The place has an impressive tequila menu.  Not knowing my Jose Cuervo from my Gran Patron I stuck to the awesome house margaritas, but two of my friends sipped some fine tequila and looked like they enjoyed it.  It was certainly eye-opening to see tequila served in a tasting glass and without the usual slice of lemon and on salt on the side.  Yikes, is this a sign of adulthood??

We had a beer after dinner in the bar/lounge in the basement; it never really turned into a fiesta, but we were on the wrong side of midnight to be fair.  All the ingredients are definitely under the roof for a good time. And the staff are lovely. 

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