Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Awesome Farmers' Market by Oval Tube Station

Just came back from my usual Saturday trip to the Farmers' Market by Oval Station in South London.  I've been going almost every week since moving to the area over a year ago.  Slowly, but very surely I have tried the various cheeses, meats, vegetables, baked goods, fish, and drinks for sale in this little churchyard. It is a really cosy market with friendly vendors, proud of the products they are selling.

We picked up a few treats for the coming days: 
  • 1 pheasant for £3.75 (you can get 4 for £12!)
  • 3 packs of the best sausages ever for £10
  • salmon mousse £2.75
  • goat cheese with chives and garlic £4.00
  • porcini mushroom paté from The Parsnipship  £2.50 
The market is open every Saturday from 10am - 3pm. 

We had the salmon mousse, goat cheese and porcini mushroom paté for lunch with fresh bread from The Old Post Office Bakery.  The bakery is located on Landor Road (7 min. walk from Clapham North Tube Station).  You can also find their delicious bread and cakes at the market. 

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