Sunday, 24 October 2010

Five Flies in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam this week in the name of work.   Great city, though my exposure to the "Venice of the North" was unfortunately pretty limited as I was stuck in a hotel most of the time for a conference.  

I did, however, have one excellent meal at a restaurant with the rather unappetising name Vijff Vlieghen which translates to Five Flies (apparently this was the last name of the first owner).  

We had a delicious four-course tasting menu at an old table covered with the famous blue and white Dutch ceramic tiles.  What more could you ask for?  Not much.  

Now I realise that for this post to qualify as a proper review I should list what I ate and comment on it.  That ain't gonna happen as I was hungry and out with clients so I didn't write down what I ate.  I can, however, tell you that every course was - pardon the cliché - an explosion of amazing flavours.  Should you ever find yourself in Amsterdam then make sure you check in at this restaurant, dating back to 1939. 

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