Monday, 11 October 2010

Rosemary Lane in Wapping, London

I discovered an absolute gem of a restaurant in London this weekend thanks to my friend, Stian, who organised an evening at Rosemary Lane to celebrate his birthday.  We had a 9-course tasting menu.  It is not simply because a new plate of food landed in front of me 9 times that I am raving as I dig through my lunchtime salad.  Every single plate was cooked and presented to perfection.

You should definitely make the trip east to Wapping (no longer a hassle thanks to the Overground) to sample the delights of Californian chef Cristina Anghelescu.   Based in a former pub, Rosemary Lane is wonderfully unpretentious and just a great place to enjoy excellent food without any fuss from snooty waiters or obnoxious wanna-be-seens.  

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