Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday Night Pizza

After a long day at work I gave myself a pat on the shoulder for remembering to take out pizza dough from the freezer this morning.   I made pizza last week and, as usual, I made a huge batch so I could freeze half of it for another meal.  You might as well make life easy for yourself every now and again!  

I used to be sceptical about making pizzas, always imagining opening the oven only to find a soggy pizza, but luckily I discovered Jamie Oliver's pizza recipe.  It is easy to make and the base comes out really crisp and delicious.  I second Jamie's suggestion to use Tippo 00 flour.  It makes all the difference.

As for the tomato sauce, I fry a thinly sliced clove of garlic in a bit of olive oil before adding a tin of tomatoes and either fresh or dried basil.  Let it simmer for a bit and you are ready for the fun part: toppings.  

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to pizza - prosciutto with mushrooms is a staple as is pepperoni (with mozarella of course), but there is no reason not to be more adventurous with your toppings.

What are your favourite pizza toppings? 

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  1. Pizza is one of my all-time favourite foods. Yours looks delicioso, just like the one I remember you making in Nov '09. A few days ago I saw a recipe I really want to try making for Caprese Pizza. Potato pizza is also one of my favourites... mmm!