Saturday, 6 November 2010

Weekly Trip to the Farmers' Market

Another Saturday, another trip to the wonderful farmers' market by Oval tube station.  And what a gorgeous autumn day for it.  


As usual I wanted to buy everything, but I settled for a few treats:

3 slices of cake
4 crunchy chard falafels
oak smoked salmon pate
400g of diced venison

All this for under £21!

I had the falafels, tomatoes, and salmon pate for lunch with fresh bread from our local bakery on Landor Road, The Old Post Office Bakery, which also has a stall at the market.  I am serving the cake for my friend Karen this afternoon when she comes for tea and I am going to cook a stew using the venison and cellery.  Quite a food day, but it is Saturday and I feel like sharing the wonders of this gem of a market with my nearest and dearest.


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